Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Day with Jenny McCarthy

Chris, our Director of Sales and Marketing, Jenny, and Cindy
Ooh La La Mama recently custom designed five new T-shirts for actress, author, and activist, Jenny McCarthy! Jenny was given OLLM’s American Flag Tee for her son, Evan. She loved it so much, she requested five more flag inspired shirts to be photographed for the cover her new book on autism coming out in April. With one day’s notice, Cindy (owner and designer of OLLM) excitedly spent the entire night creating the tees based on the flags of Canada, Guatemala, Israel, Italy and Ireland. Cindy arrived in San Diego the next day on location at a hotel and hand delivered the tees. Jenny was super sweet and so excited to see the new designs. The only problem was, there were now 6 shirts (including the American Flag tee Evan already had) and only 5 models. Jenny wanted a child with red hair. Well, it was meant to be because Cindy’s son, Max, was a perfect fit! The shoot was so much fun and the tees turned out awesome! We can’t wait to show you the cover. For now, check out what went down at the shoot…

Jenny and the photographer...She's such a nice, warm person!!

Show us your muscles boys!

Jenny's son, Evan, with Cindy's son, Max

The whole crew...some of the kids were autistic, some weren't. They all did a wonderful job!

Jenny with Max. Isn't he adorable?

We don’t know the title of the new book yet, but you can check out an excerpt of her last book, Mother Warriors, and clips of Jenny from her appearance on Oprah here. Also, visit Jenny’s site for info on causes and treatments of autism and support for families of autistic children.

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