Saturday, December 6, 2008

Pin Up Girl Party Inspiration

My Retro Pin-Up Girl Themed lingerie shower was a success! Here's a little inspiration to throw your own pin up style party. It can be a lingerie shower, bachelorette party, or just a ladies night out.

I love cute invites, notes, cocktail napkins and paper plates when you don't feel like doing a million dishes. Since I was short on budget, I created my own invite using a Gil Elvgren image and just added wording to it. You can print these out and use scrapbooking paper or card stock to create a border, or just send it in an email.

For fill in invites and also cocktail napkins, paper plates, and even favors I love Anne Taintor, Inc. They use images of women from ads in the 50's and 60's and then add cheeky sayings to them. (Okay, so it's not very pin up girl, but it's too cute - no one will notice.) They've got something for every occasion, but for this party here were some of my favorites:

If you've got a little extra in the budget - check out their flasks, compacts, and even aprons and potholders (good for a kitchen themed shower)!

More on favors...

Pin-up girls are all about glam so why not give away some dramatic false eyelashes and lip gloss! I found these at e.l.f. (eyes, lips, face) where everything is $1. I've used the products before and they're great! The retro candy tin lip glosses were perfect, and who could resist their Cherry Bomb flavor? I found red satin wristlets in Target's $1 bins that were perfect to hold the favors.

For more ideas, check out I like their pin up hair flowers and vintage tin ID cases. If you're feeling crafty, try making your own silk flower hair pins to pass out at the party.

Feeling a little more dangerous? Hire someone to teach you and your gal pals how to strip in your own home or host an adult toy party (It's like a tupperware party, but with, you toys!). Give out some funky tassels as party favors and don't forget the martinis!

We've adopted 2 families!

So - we finally got our families for our Christmas Charity Gift Giving!

We are super excited and so very thankful for all of our friends who have offered to donate.

Please send to your friends - any businesses who might like to donate samples would be great!

We can really make a difference and give these families a fantastic and unforgetable Christmas!

So here's the info on our families and what we still need!

Family #1

Dad - age 29 - needs clothes pant size 34/30 and shirt size L, size 8 shoes
Mom - age 30 - size 5 (I know, sooo jealous!) and size 5 shoes
Boy child age 4 - needs size 5 clothes and anything STARWARS
Boy child age 11 - needs size 14 clothes or size 5 shoes and anything to do with BASEBALL
Boy child age 6 - Size 6 clothing, size 13 shoes and STARWARS
Girl child age 10 - size 5 pants, small shirts, size 4 shoes - wants DOLLS, BARBIES OR BRATZ

Family #2

Mom - age 25 - no clothes requested but "anything" requested - so be creative
Dad - age 40 - clothes - pants size 32, medium shirts
Girl child age 3, size 2T clothing, 6 1/2 shoes or anything TINKER BELL, DISNEY, DORA
Boy child age 3m, size 6m clothing, TOYS
Boy child age 2, size 2T clothing, size 6 shoes or CARS, DOGGIES, PLANES
Girl child age 3m, size 6m clothing, TOYS

What to send? Ooh La La Mama will be donating clothes and gift cards.

We are requesting new clothing, toys, unwrapped (we'll take care of it - but easier to sort) or gift cards to stores that these families might shop (recommending Target, Payless, other?) Please no gift cards for online purchases - not sure if these families have computers.

Deadline for gifts to be received is December 15th.

Send gifts to:
Ooh La La Mama
4300 Green River Road, Suite 112-104

Corona, CA 92880

If you don't have time to shop you can send a check or contribute through - send your super generous contribution to

Thanks for all of your support!

Happy Holidays from all of us at Ooh La La Mama!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Baby's First Christmas

Hi Everyone! I just found out Cindy is designing a "Baby's First Christmas" onesie as we speak! I am personally sooo excited because this is my daughter's first Christmas and I've been searching for the perfect thing to put her in for pictures with Santa or all those holiday parties coming up. My mom has this picture of my little sister as a baby that always sticks in my mind. It's just her little tushy and a the back of a little foot covered in a frilly sock. Embroidered on her bloomers, it say's "My First Christmas." I want Marisa to have that special picture for when she grows up so I can't wait to see what Cindy comes up with!!!

Win a $500 Visa Gift card from Ooh La La Mama!

Ooh La La Mama knows that our economy is hurting right now and we would like to make the holidays just a little bit easier. You can be entered to win a $500 Visa gift card to use on whatever you like! 

So how does it work? Just go to, and shop our store. Any purchase of $50 or more will automatically grant you one entry into our drawing to win the $500 USD VISA gift card. Drawing will take place on December 31st at 6 pm (PST) and all entries must be received by noon (PST) to be eligible.

So pick up that t-shirt or onesie you've been eyeing for your little one, knock a Christmas gift off your list early, or wow them at the baby shower with the "too cute" clothes that no one else could find, and get yourself a chance to start off the new year with some cash in your pocket!

Good luck and Happy Shopping!

Oh - a little background on us: 
We're a southern california based kids clothing line and we make really awesome, unique, funky onesies, t's and dresses and rompers.  All of our pieces have all over prints that are part of the fabric (so they don't flake off or fade with washing) and are made with 100% love and feel super soft and yummy! Happy shopping and we cannot wait to give this CASH away for NEW YEARS!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Christmas Charity Needed


2 weeks ago parts of southern california were devastated by the wildfires.   Many people lost their homes, and everything they had ever owned.

At this time Ooh La La Mama would like to invite all of you to pitch in and help us make Christmas happen for at least one family.  Of course Ooh La La Mama will be donating tons of our clothes but we need the help of our friends (and your friends, and the friends of your friends...) to really make a difference.  

So - please think hard about the questioned being polled (see right side bar).  Do you think you could give up one of your special presents to help one of these families? I think most of us would say yes.  We need you!

Given our economic situation - we do understand that many of us do not have "extra money" just waiting for an opportunity such as this to just appear.  

This is why we are asking if you would give up one (just one) of your gifts.  We'll take em!   This way it won't really cost you any cash - just a present.  Don't get us wrong though - we will take cash as well, no problem. 

We will have two drop off dates to help with this problem - we will donate items we have before Christmas on Christmas Day.  There will be a second drop off day a week or so later for the gifts that you may choose do donate.  

Details of the family will be posted soon - along with specific needs and wishlists for our first family.  We will take on a second family as well if there are enough of you out there willing to be supportive.  

Most of us are so fortunate in this life - please give just a little to help this family have a very, very Merry Christmas. 

If anyone of you have any helpful ideas or suggestions or specific donation questions - please do not hesitate to email me at  We will update donation list to keep everyone on track.  Also - subscribe to RSS feed - look down on right bar and click on subscribe to stay updated.

Thanks again!
Nothing feels as good as giving (or was that - nothing feels as good as being thin?)