Friday, February 6, 2009

Trista & Ryan Sutter LOVE Ooh La La Mama!

Trista and Ryan Sutter are expecting - a new baby girl - in about 10 weeks!

All of us here at Ooh La La Mama are all huge fans of Trista and Ryan Sutter. Seriously - how could we not all fall in love with their story? You know.... The traditional love story: Trista goes on ABC's reality TV show The Bachelor and does not find love. Trista goes on her own reality show The Bachelorette and meets and falls in love with firefighter hottie - Ryan Sutter. Trista and Ryan marry and have cute little Max. Who could not absolutely LOVE their story?

So - all of us at Ooh La La Mama (especially me!) just adore Trista and Ryan and had to send them onesies for arrival of little Max (who is now about 1 1/2 years old). Trista just loved our onesies and sent a gorgeous thank you note and just emailed us again to request some goodies for expected baby girl Sutter.

Trista asked specifically for these prints: Vintage Love, Fly Spirit and Roxy - which of course we sent her - plus a bunch of our personal fav's. We just cannot wait to see Max's little sister.

Here's what Trista had to say about Ooh La La Mama:
"I'm such a fan of Ooh La La Mama. Their designs are so unique and fun to put little ones in. Our son, Max, wore their onesies constantly and once our little girl arrives, we will surely outfit her in their designs as well."

Ooh La La Mama will, of course, share any personal updates with you so stay tuned!

For now - we are wishing Trista and Ryan a wonderful, easy delivery and a happy, healthy new baby girl! Congrats Trista and Ryan. We are totally stoked for you both!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Valentine's Day Onese - Get it while it's HOT!

Marisa is wearing Ooh La La Mama's "Be My Valentine" Onesie
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