Wednesday, March 10, 2010

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Friday, August 7, 2009

Fall/Winter Photoshoot

Ooh La La Mama's Fall/Winter line is finally HERE! We recently finished some adorable photoshoots for our latest collection with two very talented photographers in San Diego. And just for our readers, check out what these fantastic photographers are offering now!

Get 20% off any products from Yvonne Le Brun photography. Just use the promo code OLLM20 to save on prints, canvases, storyboards, and more.

Also, check out Ooh La La Mama customers can receive a FREE CD with 5 copyright released digital pictures now through Dec 10, 2009! Reserve your session today.*

* Must book up to an hour session with Michele. Limited availability and additional charges may apply to areas outside of San Diego County. (At time of booking use promotion code: OLLM09)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Congratulations BlogHer winners!

Our favorite Complicatedmama is back from BlogHer and has had a Whrrl of a time! Amidst meeting all the coolest mom bloggers in the nation, bowling, parties, and cocktails with the energizer bunny, a gecko, AND Mr. Potato head, Corine ran an Ooh La La Mama twitter contest. Two lucky winners each received an always fashionable Ooh La La Mama onesie.

Congrats to Jill Shepard of and Julia Dianora who are both expecting! Jill won by being the first to spot out Corine in her Ooh La La Mama t-shirt in the lobby at BlogHer while Julia was our at home twitter winner. We can't wait to see your precious new arrivals in their new Ooh La La Mama onesies.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

BlogHer Convention '09!

Ooh La La Mama is proud to sponsor Corine Ingrassia to attend the BlogHer conference starting today in Chicago. The BlogHer conference is a great experience for bloggers to finally meet "In Real Life" and share tips on blogging, marketing, and networking. Corine writes her own blog, and will be spreading some Ooh La La Mama love in the blogosphere.

Follow her at the BlogHer conference here:

For you other mommy bloggers out there, this year's conference is sold out, but find out more info on the next one at

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Celebrity Baby Yard Sale

Ooh La La Mama was proud to participate in the Celebrity Baby Yard Sale, Saturday May 30th, 2009.

The event was organized by the Bailey Baio Foundation and is an effort to heighten awareness of the importance of expanded newborn screening and raise much needed funds
to support children and families affected with GA1 and other organic acidemia metabolic disorders.

Scott Baio (Charles in Charge, Happy Days), his wife Renee Baio, and Daughter Bailey invite the public to walk the red carpet and shop new and used baby apparel and gear from top retailers and celebrity parents.

For more info, visit

Friday, May 8, 2009


Back in November, Ooh La La Mama was invited to provide shirts for Jenny McCarthy's new book - Healing and Preventing Autism available now. Not only did our shirts make it on the cover, but so did my son Max! (He's the cute redhead.) We had a blast at the photo shoot and are so excited the book is finally here. If you missed out on our exclusive the behind-the-scenes pictures at the photo shoot, click here.

Congrats on the book and maybe even a new talk show and deal with Oprah, Jenny! You go girl.

Shop now for your own flag tees and onesies feature on the cover.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Special Event and Spring Trunk Show

Hey OC Moms and Dads!

Join Ooh La La Mama on Saturday, April 4th from 2pm-4pm for a sneak peek at the new Spring/Summer 2009 line of rockin' apparel for babies and kids coming down the runway at OC's hippest baby boutique, Under My Umbrella.

Also, don't miss:
-Ooh La La Mama's blowout sale at up to 50% OFF.
-Enter our coloring contest to win a free T-Shirt or Onesie of your choice!
-Meet Lisa Johnston, artist/designer for Ooh La La Mama

Fashion Show begins at 3:00pm. RSVP at by Wed, Apr 1st.
Some of your other favorite brands that will be on the runway with Ooh La La Mama:
-Hula Mula
-Surf City Threads
What's that you say? You've never been to Under My Umbrella? Wacth a short video clip of this awesome store and get amped up for the Fashion Show! We hope to see you there.

Under My Umbrella from Kimberlee West on Vimeo.

*This awesome video was made by Kimberlee West, Ooh La La Mama's exclusive fashion photographer! If you're looking to capture fun, fresh, timeless moments of your little one, you must contact her.

**Retailers - If you are interested in hosting a trunk show, please contact us at

Friday, March 6, 2009


Thank you all for entering our Target gift card giveaway! Tons of responses and 3 lucky winners:

Winner #1 - Andrea - Twitter name @andreacooks and visit her yummy website: - I am hungry just visiting. Lot's of fun stuff!

Winner #2 - Briann - Twitter name @Briann88 -  Everyone should really pop on over and visit her adorable blog to see really beautiful pics of baby Leah. She is gorgeous!

Winner #3 - Brittany - you may know her as @barefootfoodie on Twitter - and please visit her totally awesome blog - - lots of fun, interesting posts about life, pregnancy and always being hungry. Just found her blog when she won our contest. I have a new favorite to add to my list!

So - if you didn't win today - please don't fret. We've always got fun contests coming up.
Happy weekend everyone!

Friday, February 27, 2009


We just love giving stuff away! Ooh La La Mama is at it again! We just love making our customers happy. NO - you do not need to shop but YES - we totally appreciate it when you do!

Please visit our main site for truly rockin' apparel for your little ones. Our stuff is also totally loved as baby shower gifts and our super soft, yummy, funky designs always draw tons of "Ooohs and Awwwws" from moms-to-be.

OK - back to the contest! Next week we are giving away 3 (YES THREE!) Target gift cards for $50 each to 3 lucky winners! How do you enter? First - you must follow this blog and leave a cute little comment to this post. That's it. Super easy to win!

So - get ready and start commenting! Winners chosen by random drawing on Friday at 2pm (PST) . Any retweets, blog mentions get you an extra entry. Mention what you like from our line and that might count too! LUCK!

Pictured below - Jen - lucky winners of previous Target Gift Card giveaway (from a few contests ago). This could be you! Good luck! Thanks Jen for the awesome pic! She's got a @Themomjen on Twitter. Follow her if you are not already! And be sure to visit her site too - you know it totally rocks!!

And here's our other winner - Joanne of Bareley Domestic Mama - gotta check her awesome site out right away too! You ROCK! Congrats on the win! Let's see who's up this time...

And now for a shameless plug about me (yes, it really is all about me - but just sometimes - just after my kids are asleep, hubby's at work, I am not in the ER - my patients are taken care of - and then yes, it is all about me!) So - since this is my moment please listen to my shameless plea:

If you'd be so kind - please vote for us on StartUp Nation - see little VOTE button above? Just click there or HERE. We really appreciate your vote! Thanks! You all now - officially - rock too!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Stalked at Stroller Strides

Some of you may remember I joined Stroller Strides as part of my New Year's resolution to get back in shape. I LOVED the class from the start and immediately signed up for a monthly pass which allowed me to take an unlimited amount of classes. I’ve found the class has made me feel a million times better physically and emotionally, it’s a great place to connect with other moms, and they contribute so much back to the community. (Find out more at

Imagine my shock and anger when I heard that during one of the classes, park patrol approached one of the instructors (in front of the moms and their children) and cited the instructor and threatened to have her arrested if she continued the class. Then, along with some nasty words, the park patrol proceeded to call TWO more cruisers for backup! Geez I didn't know a bunch of moms with strollers could pose such a threat. As a result, our classes were cancelled until our local stroller strides franchise owner and instructor, Zoe, could work things out with the city.

Well – the moms continued to meet in the park on their own without the instructors because Stroller Strides had become such a wonderful source of support, friendship, and a healthy part of their daily routines to get themselves energized and their children out into the fresh air. Unfortunately, the moms found themselves being watched. Park patrol sat in their cars with binoculars, took photographs, and noted the moms’ cars and license plates. The franchise owner was sent citations for continuing to operate the class, saying that even if the instructors weren’t there, that if it there was a time and place posted online then it was considered a class. (Even though we all have an email saying classes are cancelled and will be receiving refunds for the cancelled week!) It was maddening to hear. These moms live in this community, pay their taxes, and use a public trail and park but are being watched! Will nannies be charged for taking children to the park too? How about personal trainers that take their clients outside?

I could go on and on about what’s going on…but you can read more here as the story has been picked up by our local paper: Basically the city wants to take over the classes which would make it more of a hassle to register and sign up for, and probably a completely different class, or they want to charge a ridiculous amount to a small business owner that already pays her taxes.

Zoe has since met with the city and they will hopefully come to an agreement in the next few weeks, but nothing has been set in stone yet, so I’m gonna write my letter to the city now and cross my fingers! Save Stroller Strides!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Ooh La La Mentions

This week Ooh La La Mama was featured in LA Splash's Valentines Day Gift guide. We're so excited to have our "Vintage Love" design included in the spread. Thank you to the editors of LA Splash and Happy Valentines Day Everyone!

Also, we'd like to give a special thanks to Suzanne Broughton for mentioning us on The Mom Blog at the OC Register as one of many other wonderful mom blogs that she reads. Suzanne has two children and has been blogging for about two years on her blog, Alive In Wonderland, which we also think is a great read for Mommies! Please check out her blog at the OC Register and her personal site and support other blogging mommies. Thanks to everyone for visiting us daily!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

25 years ago today...

So, I have been trying to get away from the super personal blogs - trying to keep things more focused on Ooh La La Mama on this bloggy blog. But, today is a special day. I just could not help myself. So please excuse me for the sappiness of this post. I truly cannot help myself.

Many of you know me as Cindyoohlala (my twitter name) and some of you may know me as Dr. Parker (yep, I am a full time ER doc) or as just Cindy, owner of kids' apparel line - Ooh La La Mama. But I suspect most of you probably do not know me at all so let me just say, "Hello!" And, thank you all for taking the time to stop by my little blog and to take the time to read my rambling thoughts.

Being an ER doc really has nothing, whatsoever, to do with running a kids' apparel line. I am often asked by my patients and by people I meet through Ooh La La Mama - why I became a physician and why I chose ER.

25 years ago today - I was 13 years old (shhhhh, please don't tell - I know that makes me super old but please don't do the math!) My mom had driven me to dance class after a silly argument with my dad - something like, "You are going out - you buy the damn milk!" Can you imagine? Doors were slammed and we left to ballet class. About 3 hours later - we arrived home to find PB & J sandwich made, but not eaten, waiting on the counter, TV on - dad's car gone. I am sure he went out to buy some milk. Me, being 13 years old and in junior high - I ran immediately into my room and got on the phone. Mom never came in the house. Apparently a neighbor drove up after us and told my mom to get in her car, that my dad had been in an accident. My mom, in shock went with the neighbor to the local hospital and was told that my dad had been in a major car accident.

My dad had driven about a block down the street - and was hit by a drunk driver who ran a stop sign. My dad was thrown through the window and landed head first at the opposite end of the intersection. The fire department was first at the scene and covered him up. No pulse was detected. They cared for the drunk driver who had only a broken arm. Miraculously, the second unit arrived with a paramedic who will always be my hero. He found a thready pulse and my dad made it to the hospital.

I received a call from the PD notifying our family that my dad had been in an accident. I had no idea where my mom had gone and ran next door to my best friend's home. Her father answered the door to a crying 13 year old and said, "that was your dad?" when I told him, through sobs, that my dad was in a car accident. Another neighbor saw the accident occur and she was unable to drive for about a year following the accident.

My dad had major injuries. His ER chart said, "Prognosis extremely poor - not expected to survive the night." He received 17 units of blood in the first 24 hours and was taken to the OR twice. He was in a coma for 6 weeks and then had his jaw wired shut for another 6 weeks. He came home as a head injury patient and did not work for several years. The doctors and nurses that cared for my dad became like family to us. We hung on every single word that was spoken - every single intonation of their voice, every little twitch that might convey hidden meaning when we asked how my dad was doing. I will never, ever forget those nights and days spent in the ICU waiting room - waiting and waiting for news.

And so, I knew I would become a doctor. My story is as simple as this. There have been very few major events in my life besides this one - except getting married and the births of my children. But - those were happy occasions. My dad's injuries were horrific and this was a very, very scary time for my family. The years following my dad's accident were filled with recovery and my dad really had to learn just about everything.

I must also ad that my mom was amazing through this time. OK - she was a little weird in the first few days - telling me and my sis that my dad "would be fine - that he'd be home in a few days." But - as a mom - I cannot imagine what I would tell my children in this situation. What I mean to say - is that she was completely awesome and carried our family - emotionally and financially through this crazy time in our lives. I am sure that it is because of her that I will always be an independent woman. Yes, I am super happily married and my hubby and I are both working, productive members of society (did I mention? He's an ER doc too.) But - I am a stronger female, for sure, because of the woman my mother was while I was growing up - and especially during those rocky years while my dad was still sick.

So - of course I cannot keep you all hanging - my dad is fine today. He retired last year (not old, just sick of all the crap) and he is still my dad. He swears at the dog and kisses his grandchildren and does magic at my girlfriend get togethers and I love him tons.

So thank you to Dr. Colen (the paramedic who saved my dad's life 2/12/1984 - he's now a surgeon!) and thank you to all of the docs and nurses who care for patients like my dad and who are gentle with dealing with families when there is not always the best news to be shared (I really, really try to be like you!) and thank you Mom for everything. You know what you've done.

And - to Daddy - happy 25 years! Don't go out to buy milk tonight! I love you tons.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Trista & Ryan Sutter LOVE Ooh La La Mama!

Trista and Ryan Sutter are expecting - a new baby girl - in about 10 weeks!

All of us here at Ooh La La Mama are all huge fans of Trista and Ryan Sutter. Seriously - how could we not all fall in love with their story? You know.... The traditional love story: Trista goes on ABC's reality TV show The Bachelor and does not find love. Trista goes on her own reality show The Bachelorette and meets and falls in love with firefighter hottie - Ryan Sutter. Trista and Ryan marry and have cute little Max. Who could not absolutely LOVE their story?

So - all of us at Ooh La La Mama (especially me!) just adore Trista and Ryan and had to send them onesies for arrival of little Max (who is now about 1 1/2 years old). Trista just loved our onesies and sent a gorgeous thank you note and just emailed us again to request some goodies for expected baby girl Sutter.

Trista asked specifically for these prints: Vintage Love, Fly Spirit and Roxy - which of course we sent her - plus a bunch of our personal fav's. We just cannot wait to see Max's little sister.

Here's what Trista had to say about Ooh La La Mama:
"I'm such a fan of Ooh La La Mama. Their designs are so unique and fun to put little ones in. Our son, Max, wore their onesies constantly and once our little girl arrives, we will surely outfit her in their designs as well."

Ooh La La Mama will, of course, share any personal updates with you so stay tuned!

For now - we are wishing Trista and Ryan a wonderful, easy delivery and a happy, healthy new baby girl! Congrats Trista and Ryan. We are totally stoked for you both!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Valentine's Day Onese - Get it while it's HOT!

Marisa is wearing Ooh La La Mama's "Be My Valentine" Onesie
Get yours
NOW! Only $29.95

Friday, January 23, 2009


Monday - $100 Target Gift Card!
Wed Wii Fit!
Friday - Ready? FLIP VIDEO CAM! (I want one too!)

So - get ready and start commenting! Winners chosen by random drawing. You must be a follower on our blog. Any retweets, blog mentions get you an extra entry. Mention what you like from our line and that might count too!


Thursday, January 22, 2009


Well, as most of you hopefully remember - we did a few huge contests last month. We gave away a total of 4 target cards - each $100 each. Also - we had one lucky winner for our $500 VISA gift card giveaway. That means we gave a total $900 away last month - and we're not even including the fun giveaways for Ooh La La Mama products and gift certificates.

Pictured here is TheMomJen - with her 100$ Target Gift Card! Congrats Jen - you rock, you totally rock!

So how do you win?

Just stay tuned. We will for sure have another contest next week - either for a gift card or maybe for a Nintendo Wii Fit. What would you like to win? Send comments or suggestions. We read them all - honest! And who knows maybe you'll be the one to mention your dream prize and we might even go for it and you might even win! So suggest away.

We'll be anouncing the upcoming contest on Monday - so any cool ideas must be sent soon!

More pictures to come with more winners and more contests soon! All you need to do is click the follow button (on the right) and keep checking back for new contests - hot one starting sometime next Monday! Don't miss it!

You must be a follower on Twitter (@Cindyoohlala) -  and on our blog (on the left) and you must comment on the blog. Start now if you'd like - just let us know what you'd like to win! Dream big and let's see what happens. We kind of get a big kick about "going big" around here. Love big surprises and helping others make a change. So start your comments - the wilder the better. We'll do our best - promise - to go extra big this week! Any cool comments about our onesies, dresses - like which ones you like best also get extra points - just visit New stuff and new discounts added every day! We just love hearing how much you love us! This will be a big contest so don't be shy!

And as always - extra FB, My Space, Twitter mentions or retweets - or blogs get you an extra post - just email me or tweet me @cindyoohlala each time you twitter to keep me honest!

Oh - quick update about who we are: We manufacture baby onezies (gotta be careful now that Gerber contacted us), dresses, rompers and super cute bloomer sets with all over prints that are super soft and yummy. Please visit our main site: for fun, funky, sweet and sassy apparel for your little one. Also - our products are kind of on the higher end - shop now for 75% off - makes a fantastic baby shower gift, birthday gift for that special rockstar prince or princess in your life. Our clothing is sized 0-3m up to size 6 and all pieces wash and wear really well.
Support us and help us continue with supporting those in need! As business continues to grow we'll be doing more and more of this fun contest and charity stuff so you can feel good about your purchase!

Oh - one last thing - please leave your twitter name in comments section so I can find you! 

Thanks and good luck!

CindyOohLaLa (twitter name) and the Ooh La La Mama Familia

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy Inauguration Day!

Tomorrow is the exciting, historic inauguration of our 44th President, Barack Obama! I can't wait to hear the much anticipated speech and also, as a woman, I can't help but join the fashion world's buzz about what our "Commander in Sheath" and new First Lady and her beautiful daughters will be wearing. Everything this woman picks has been flying off the shelves since she was seen on the View wearing this black and white dress:

According to MSNBC, Mrs. Obama still doesn't know what she's going to wear. Understandably, she's been pretty busy relocating her family and getting her girls situated! I don't blame her - I'd probably change my mind a hundred times the day of. Here are a few of the sketches some top designers submitted:

I like this one by Peter Som because it's white and reminiscent of the gown Jackie Kennedy designed for JFK's inauguration. This colorful sketch by Isaac Mizrahi just seems fun and bold like many of the other colorful dresses Michelle has worn.

Another white one, by Diane Von Furstenburg

This one is just so glam and glitzy, you gotta love it! By Badgley Mischka

So you may not be going to the ball, but in the spirit of inauguration day, Ooh La La Mama suggests these for your proud little American...

Monday, January 19, 2009


I titled this post as 'Reflections of a very white woman' not to draw attention to myself. Just to make a point. Tomorrow will mark the beginning of a very incredible time in American History - a time I am extremely honored to be able to witness.

As a white female child I never quite understood what all the fuss was about.  I was born in 1971 and all of this history - well, it really just seemed so distant - the riots, the segregation, the complete and total predjudism for our African American friends and family members (although back then - I imagine that there were too many whites who counted the African Americans as their 'friends' - sad but probably true.) But, as I grew older I learned - that this past, this very ugly and shameful American past, was really just around the corner - was really just yesterday.

It was only about 55 years ago that Rosa Parks was arrested during the Montgomery Bus Boycott in 1955.   All because she refused to give up her bus seat to a white male!  This would never happen now - at least in most parts of our world we live in today.

I am so overly excited that tomorrow our county finally, yes finally will be moving on - passing over into an era of intelligence and acceptance. An era where, I hope, people will be honored for their achievements, accomplishments and their wisdom. The skin color and differences we have should be celebrated and respected but not be the main basis for who we are. We are all- really - just us - similar in so many ways - from our bone structure down to our basic cellular making - we are THE SAME! It is our hair, our skin, our thoughts and beliefs, our smiles, our styles that make us different from each other. But it is what we do and what we believe that determines who we truly are.  It is this that will be left for all to remember.

So regardless of your vote - you must still be smiling tonight. As a nation we have come so very far. This is a time to record, to twitter, to blog, to vlog and to TiVO. This is a first and I feel so very blessed to be a part of it. So plug in your power cables and prepare yourself for a rockin' fantastic day of history.

God be with you President Obama. We are all behind you and we know you will do your best to lead this find nation once again to greatness.

In ending - while I once did see myself as a very white girl - so removed from the black and white social struggle (I grew up in So Cal and really was not very exposed - pretty much embarrassed to say that I was sheltered from the shadows of our history). I now see how much smaller a world this place that we call "home" really is.  We are all each others brothers and sisters and daughters and sons. We must rally together with our new president to make this nation and this word a much better place. What else do we have if not that?

Oh, and for those of you who may be wondering - my vote was for Barack.  Today I am a very, very proud American.  

Thank you for reading! 



You know when you see your kids and you just know you have to capture it on film?

Well - yesterday was one of those mornings.

So - I'll make this post short and sweet. Not too much to read.

Max is in love with the Wii. He has discovered yoga and it is pretty damn funny to watch:

Here's how you do yoga on the Wii (according to 4 year old Max):

1. Pick an appropriate outfit - take as long as you need but be sure you look GOOD!

2. Be sure to set your Wii up in an area with lots of space - free of any potential obstacles.

3. Be sure to breath in and breath out and to be sure that you look extra cool while doing yoga. See - look how easy this looks.

See how much fun Yoga can be!
LOOK! So very simple! He's not tired at all.

Just breathe in and breathe in and out and you'll be done in a jiffy!

And when you are all done, you should, of course be stoked!

Congratulate yourself.

You, of course, totally ROCK!