Friday, January 23, 2009


Monday - $100 Target Gift Card!
Wed Wii Fit!
Friday - Ready? FLIP VIDEO CAM! (I want one too!)

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Thursday, January 22, 2009


Well, as most of you hopefully remember - we did a few huge contests last month. We gave away a total of 4 target cards - each $100 each. Also - we had one lucky winner for our $500 VISA gift card giveaway. That means we gave a total $900 away last month - and we're not even including the fun giveaways for Ooh La La Mama products and gift certificates.

Pictured here is TheMomJen - with her 100$ Target Gift Card! Congrats Jen - you rock, you totally rock!

So how do you win?

Just stay tuned. We will for sure have another contest next week - either for a gift card or maybe for a Nintendo Wii Fit. What would you like to win? Send comments or suggestions. We read them all - honest! And who knows maybe you'll be the one to mention your dream prize and we might even go for it and you might even win! So suggest away.

We'll be anouncing the upcoming contest on Monday - so any cool ideas must be sent soon!

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Thanks and good luck!

CindyOohLaLa (twitter name) and the Ooh La La Mama Familia

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy Inauguration Day!

Tomorrow is the exciting, historic inauguration of our 44th President, Barack Obama! I can't wait to hear the much anticipated speech and also, as a woman, I can't help but join the fashion world's buzz about what our "Commander in Sheath" and new First Lady and her beautiful daughters will be wearing. Everything this woman picks has been flying off the shelves since she was seen on the View wearing this black and white dress:

According to MSNBC, Mrs. Obama still doesn't know what she's going to wear. Understandably, she's been pretty busy relocating her family and getting her girls situated! I don't blame her - I'd probably change my mind a hundred times the day of. Here are a few of the sketches some top designers submitted:

I like this one by Peter Som because it's white and reminiscent of the gown Jackie Kennedy designed for JFK's inauguration. This colorful sketch by Isaac Mizrahi just seems fun and bold like many of the other colorful dresses Michelle has worn.

Another white one, by Diane Von Furstenburg

This one is just so glam and glitzy, you gotta love it! By Badgley Mischka

So you may not be going to the ball, but in the spirit of inauguration day, Ooh La La Mama suggests these for your proud little American...

Monday, January 19, 2009


I titled this post as 'Reflections of a very white woman' not to draw attention to myself. Just to make a point. Tomorrow will mark the beginning of a very incredible time in American History - a time I am extremely honored to be able to witness.

As a white female child I never quite understood what all the fuss was about.  I was born in 1971 and all of this history - well, it really just seemed so distant - the riots, the segregation, the complete and total predjudism for our African American friends and family members (although back then - I imagine that there were too many whites who counted the African Americans as their 'friends' - sad but probably true.) But, as I grew older I learned - that this past, this very ugly and shameful American past, was really just around the corner - was really just yesterday.

It was only about 55 years ago that Rosa Parks was arrested during the Montgomery Bus Boycott in 1955.   All because she refused to give up her bus seat to a white male!  This would never happen now - at least in most parts of our world we live in today.

I am so overly excited that tomorrow our county finally, yes finally will be moving on - passing over into an era of intelligence and acceptance. An era where, I hope, people will be honored for their achievements, accomplishments and their wisdom. The skin color and differences we have should be celebrated and respected but not be the main basis for who we are. We are all- really - just us - similar in so many ways - from our bone structure down to our basic cellular making - we are THE SAME! It is our hair, our skin, our thoughts and beliefs, our smiles, our styles that make us different from each other. But it is what we do and what we believe that determines who we truly are.  It is this that will be left for all to remember.

So regardless of your vote - you must still be smiling tonight. As a nation we have come so very far. This is a time to record, to twitter, to blog, to vlog and to TiVO. This is a first and I feel so very blessed to be a part of it. So plug in your power cables and prepare yourself for a rockin' fantastic day of history.

God be with you President Obama. We are all behind you and we know you will do your best to lead this find nation once again to greatness.

In ending - while I once did see myself as a very white girl - so removed from the black and white social struggle (I grew up in So Cal and really was not very exposed - pretty much embarrassed to say that I was sheltered from the shadows of our history). I now see how much smaller a world this place that we call "home" really is.  We are all each others brothers and sisters and daughters and sons. We must rally together with our new president to make this nation and this word a much better place. What else do we have if not that?

Oh, and for those of you who may be wondering - my vote was for Barack.  Today I am a very, very proud American.  

Thank you for reading! 



You know when you see your kids and you just know you have to capture it on film?

Well - yesterday was one of those mornings.

So - I'll make this post short and sweet. Not too much to read.

Max is in love with the Wii. He has discovered yoga and it is pretty damn funny to watch:

Here's how you do yoga on the Wii (according to 4 year old Max):

1. Pick an appropriate outfit - take as long as you need but be sure you look GOOD!

2. Be sure to set your Wii up in an area with lots of space - free of any potential obstacles.

3. Be sure to breath in and breath out and to be sure that you look extra cool while doing yoga. See - look how easy this looks.

See how much fun Yoga can be!
LOOK! So very simple! He's not tired at all.

Just breathe in and breathe in and out and you'll be done in a jiffy!

And when you are all done, you should, of course be stoked!

Congratulate yourself.

You, of course, totally ROCK!