Sunday, November 30, 2008

Christmas Charity Needed


2 weeks ago parts of southern california were devastated by the wildfires.   Many people lost their homes, and everything they had ever owned.

At this time Ooh La La Mama would like to invite all of you to pitch in and help us make Christmas happen for at least one family.  Of course Ooh La La Mama will be donating tons of our clothes but we need the help of our friends (and your friends, and the friends of your friends...) to really make a difference.  

So - please think hard about the questioned being polled (see right side bar).  Do you think you could give up one of your special presents to help one of these families? I think most of us would say yes.  We need you!

Given our economic situation - we do understand that many of us do not have "extra money" just waiting for an opportunity such as this to just appear.  

This is why we are asking if you would give up one (just one) of your gifts.  We'll take em!   This way it won't really cost you any cash - just a present.  Don't get us wrong though - we will take cash as well, no problem. 

We will have two drop off dates to help with this problem - we will donate items we have before Christmas on Christmas Day.  There will be a second drop off day a week or so later for the gifts that you may choose do donate.  

Details of the family will be posted soon - along with specific needs and wishlists for our first family.  We will take on a second family as well if there are enough of you out there willing to be supportive.  

Most of us are so fortunate in this life - please give just a little to help this family have a very, very Merry Christmas. 

If anyone of you have any helpful ideas or suggestions or specific donation questions - please do not hesitate to email me at  We will update donation list to keep everyone on track.  Also - subscribe to RSS feed - look down on right bar and click on subscribe to stay updated.

Thanks again!
Nothing feels as good as giving (or was that - nothing feels as good as being thin?)