Tuesday, December 16, 2008


So - here I sit again. Only 2 weeks until Christmas and no idea what I am getting anyone. Every year I say that I will be better prepared! That I will not be shopping on Christmas Eve. That I will not be buying a bunch of random crap just so that I have enough stuff to give. That I will not worry about buying the same number of gifts for my mom and my sis so that they will not feel left out somehow. And yet, here I sit, again, with no gifts and no ideas.

I should clarify though - we have been buying gifts for our adopted families. That has been really great. It is so fun to buy for people who have so little. But - what do you buy for someone who already has so much?

Example - problem number 1: My husband. He has given me a list of what he would like this year. Here is his list:

1) Montague Bike
2) Reverend Guitar (model not included, sorry Scotty)

3) Junker Jacket

4) BMW motorcycle

5) Personal trainer
6) Good bottle of expensive Scotch
7) New airplane (no, a real one - in addition to the one he bought himself last year)

So - for sure the BMW is out. Sorry hubby - you fly small airplanes and scuba dive and that is all the risk you get to take for now. I just cannot get him a bike. Traffic is too crazy and I love him too much.

The guitar - good idea, but he's got a few guitars already and does not have much time to play them. Junker jacket - they totally ROCK - unique one of kind - on the pricey side and this was last years present already. But - you really should check it out http://www.junkerdesigns.com/. These jackets are really rock and roll cool and worn by celebs and rockstars like Dave Navarro and Criss Angel.

Airplane - well really? Get serious. Way too much money and we're waaaay too much broke right now.

Montague bike - This is a really cool folding bike http://www.montegueco.com/ - cool but costs around $700. For those of you who have not personally met my husband - well, he's not really the mountain biking type. So - I am kind of confused as to where this random request came from. Maybe he just ran out of ideas and threw this one in. Not sure.

So - that leaves us with personal trainer and a good bottle of scotch. Both feasible gifts - boring but might work. They don't really go well together but it's his list.

I think I have come up with my own idea for Scotty. I think I will buy him a cow.

No - really - at http://www.heifer.org/ you can purchase a heifer for $500 or a share of a
heifer for $50. A good dairy cow can produce 4 gallons of milk for a needy family in Africa or one of the many countries that Heifer.org works with. The surplus milk from this cow can provide a way for these families to generate income to pay for more food, medicine, school fees and clothing and improvements to their homes. The offspring of this cow will continue to be a source of income for this family. What an absolutely perfect gift.

So - I encourage all of you out there who are stuck with finding the perfect gift for the person who has everything to please check out http://www.heifer.org/ and give a great gift that will not be left on a shelf - or re-gifted next Christmas.

So - if you do know my husband - please keep this hush hush. He doesn't usually read my blog - unless I make him so I am thinking that we're safe for now. If he's really, really good between now and Christmas I may also get him a really good bottle of scotch too. Or maybe, a really fun book of coupons - you know ;) something for him to open once everyone else has gone to bed. He has been a really, really good boy this year...


Haasiegirl said...

we donated once to hiefter international, its a great place. We sent donations in all our families name and gave them cards saying where their christmas money went. Not sure it was well recieved. LOL!


Jackie said...

That jacket is just too cool. But he already has one! My second choice would be the bottle of Scotch - so I could drink it too. :)

Tiffiney (hippieprincess) said...

Like the scotch idea and love the coupons...my hubby loves those..lol....

Suzie said...

I love the cow idea! I told my hubby that I wanted to buy a cow for someone this year...well maybe just part of a cow....LOL

kristen said...

this will be great for the inlaws!!!

My Trendy Tykes said...

hmmm my daughter asked for a horse....wonder if she would consider the cow instead?? HA!

I like the jacket, and the motorcycle....ohhhh the plane too.



Kristen Lemoine said...

Sounds like we have the same husband except mine is a lawyer not a dr. LOL. I say get him the scotch, my husband loves scotch. Sounds like he may not have time for a trainer, although if he needs to get whipped into shape, a trainer is the way to go!

Sarah Cooper said...

Too late for you to do this year, but I made my husband a flipbook of this:

Courtney said...

I LOVE the cow idea. In fact, the way my kids drink milk, I'm considering it myself! :)