Friday, December 19, 2008

Contest Winner

Congratulations to Andreah who shared with us the
best "caught in the act" story!

Andreah writes:
My kids walked in on us once and we told them that Daddy was giving Mommy a back rub. My oldest (he's 6) didn't believe us at all. He asked, "Why was Daddy's peepee in your butt?" It wasn't exactly in my butt if you know what I mean. I about died!!!

As the winner of our contest, Andreah got to choose not one, but TWO Ooh La La Mama peices! She decided on our Polkadotted Paisley Dress and Transcendic Butterfly Dress. Click on the pictures to get yours today!

Also, check out Andreah's site where she's hosting a $50 Ooh La La Mama Gift Certificate giveaway! Tomorrow, Saturday Dec. 20th is the last day to enter, so hurry and check it out! Thanks to everyone who participated. Come back often for more contests and fun!

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