Wednesday, December 17, 2008


We really thought, for the first 3 years of Max's life, that he would be gay. Scotty and I would look at eachother and say, "Hmmm, well... maybe it's just his creative side? Maybe he'll be an artist?" You see, Max is left handed and very, very creative. He definitely has the artistic thing down. But, there were also little things - like running directly to the sparkly Dorothy (from the Wizard of Oz) shoes and saying, "Oh, Mommy, look at these shoes! They are fantastic!" And - this was at age 2! But Scotty and I are both patient and we said, let's wait and see. But, we have saved some really great photos that we assumed we'd use either as evidence or as blackmail in the future.

Max will be 5 in February. He has matured a ton and is growing into quite the gentleman. He's starting to pay attention to differences between girls and boys. He is starting to prefer Star Wars over Cinderella - a big change for all of us here at chez nous.

Last week Max announced that he had to take a rose to school for Zoe. He said that it was their "secret anniversary" and that he could not give me any more information - "that's why it is our SECRET anniversary, Mom. I cannot tell you!" So - off we went with a wilting rose wrapped in tin foil. Zoe was not there yet - so unfortunately I missed this precious moment.

Yesterday Max announced that he had to buy a Christmas present for Zoe. So - off we went to Target and we bought a little gift for Zoe - just a little stationary princess set - the kind the old Max would have insisted that we buy for him.
It's such a small thing but I watched Max wrap this little gift - so carefully - with tongue hanging out the corner of his mouth, eyebrows all scrunched together, so patiently... I helped him with the ribbon but he wrote out the entire card.



Max took this gift to school today. And today, Zoe was there. I did not even know who Zoe was until today. How is this possible? Max is in the pre-K class and Zoe, the older woman, is of course in kindergarten. But - Max walked into her classroom and there was Zoe - sitting at a table with 5 other girls. Zoe has her back to Max. She hears some commotion and turns slowly, long brown hair in slow motion flinging over her left shoulder as she looks towards Max. As soon as she sees him - her face totally lights up! My heart is a flutter - this is crazy! She jumps up and runs to him - looking happy and excited. He gives her the present and what does Max do? He turns and starts doing this really lame, bouncy walk away from her saying, "OK, bye!"

I have to stop him there - and I say, "Max, let her open the present, she might want to thank you." It was the sweetest little moment and totally made my day. She hugged him and thanked him and Max went back to join his classroom.

So - do I still think he is maybe going to grow up gay? No - not at all. But - I will say this - should he decide to be gay, or run for office, or should he choose to have a different view from me regarding religion or life in general? I will still love him and support him and he will always, always be my little Max.

I love him so.


Gwynne said...

My son, there was never any doubt. He was obsessed with girls from the get go. Not that it would have mattered to me; I'd have loved him either way.

Now, I have a friend whose son we still wonder about, and he's close to ten-years-old. No interest in girls, which is okay, we think he's still too young anyway, but he's an artist. Wants to be a painter, or hair-stylist, when he grows up. Yeah, it's the hair-stylist bit that really makes us wonder LOL

Your son is so cute! I love that red, red hair! And the Zoe story *giggles* Young love! So sweet!

Mel Fraase said...

I have a Max, too, that just turned 5 last month. How funny that you and I were having the same thought. Just a few weeks ago he wore Barbie Fairy wings for about a week straight, telling me how he could fly. But this week he's Indiana Jones (and sings the theme song) or Luke skywalker (and sings the theme song)! Those Max's!!! Love 'em!

Linda Parker said...

As Max's very proud grandma (AKA Coo-Coo), Max is a very special and unique little boy.....I love his mom who was always her own person and I love the quirkiness of Max! You go Max and never, never are truely one of a kind!!

xoxo CooCoo

the RaMbLeR said...

WOW Cindy! He is gorgeous! You crack me up that you even thought about that at that age. ;)

Ah, young love! Isn't it awesome? So, did you happen to get any pics of the new lady in his life? You know your readers will have to pre-approve her...haha.

BTW-we got your package and you are the absolute best!!! I LOVE, LOVE them!! After Christmas I will get picks and post for you to see!! (and you can use them on your site if you like!) Ready for those drinks? ;) Take care!

Lorrie said...

I'm not a mom yet or even a wife but that is the cutest story I ever heard, you got yourself a great kid whos adorable

the RaMbLeR said...

You changed your pics up...I like these too! Especially where you are holding him on your lap! So, adorable and what a chunky-monkey (him not you, you look beautiful) ;) And the one with the white wall ... he does not look happy at all to be there..LOL

Still no pic of his new love though? hmmm

Kimberlee West said...

OH MY GOSH - he can't be FIVE!!! I still remember when he was just a little baby... :) This is such a cute post! xoxo, Kimee

This Crazy Thing Called Motherhood said...

How funny!

I also kinda wondered if maybe my son was gay because he just loved to dress up in his sister's dress up clothes...her real clothes...and playing with her toys. But after awhile, I realized that he just adores his sister and wants to be like her so that's why he was so 'into' al the girlie stuff.

Now that he is into cars and dinosaurs, climbing the furniture like a monkey, and whipping toys with the speed of a pro baller, I find myself longing for the days when he came out in his sister's tutu and magic wand and pranced around. lol