Friday, December 19, 2008

Baby's First Christmas Onesie!

Here it is people...Ooh La La Mama's "Baby's First Xmas" Onesie on my baby girl! Of course the first thing my hubby said when I brought it home was "Ooooh it's so soft." followed by, "This is cool. I like it." (That's amazing! Usually when I bring home things he says, "Oh Mommy went shopping again, how much did she save me today?" and "Huh.")

Notice cool details on the sleeves

It says "PEACE" on the shoulders. :)

The colors are soft and cool - something different than your usual red

"LOVE" wrapping around the side...

The back side - a sparkly Christmas tree

How cute will this be on Christmas morning? Get your Christmas onesie today! Click HERE. Save 20% when you enter in the code "Jackie20." Happy Holidays!!!


DuongSheahan said...

OMG, is this baby the cutest I've seen Ever! The onesies are so darn cute!

Nancy Sutherland said...

What a cute baby! I have 2 granddaughters & next month I will have my first grandson- in Australia:( I was there for the first two's birth, but not able to do this one. Hope that they take lots of photos & videos!

Joanne said...

That is adorable!

Anonymous said...

Excellent photo baby shoot. I love the things Cal says to you when you normally come home from shopping. I think I've been an accomplice to a few of those exchanges.

Your baby girl is sooo cute! Make her a model while she can't say no ;)

Emmalee said...

Wow..! What a nice design. I love the Christmas onesie. The fabric is so cheerful.