Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Have you ever woken up and looked in the mirror and thought to yourself, "WHAT THE HELL?" Today was one of those days. I always imagined that I would be one of those super hot, sexy wives - a total MILF and soccer mom. I think I went to bed last night feeling like this picture of Brittany Murphy. I mean after all, I did just lose 10 lbs and that puts me only 15 pounds over my wedding weight but still - what the hell happened between last night and this morning?

Here's what I think happened: First, Keirnan (our lovely 2 year old son who has already become our resident frat boy - fart jokes, burping included) woke up at 5am. This is soooo not fair! Second - dear hubby has started snoring like a train and this for sure interferes with my dare-I-say-it, dang-do-I-ever-need-it - beauty sleep. Especially because I could only find one ear plug and had to keep moving it from one ear to the next depending on which ear was on the pillow. Third - I spent the last 4 nights prior running around the ER like a mad woman. Which brings me to another thought: When I went to med school I always pictured that I would be the HOT DOCTOR - you know - that I would wear high heels, tight skirts and my hair would always be smartly pulled back in some super full pony tail or bun. Not such a great idea after I ruined several really expensive skirts on my OB and Trauma rotations - but I'll spare y'all the details (throw back from my residency days in Texas!)

So - here I find myself this morning. Walking around in my robe, hair sticking out in all directions, snotty/crying baby on my hip, 4 year old Max (our resident romantic one - yes - he even took a rose to school for Zoe last week, for their "secret anniversary") asking over and over why the TV won't turn on and if E.T. might be on right now. Only things missing at this point are the cigarette hanging out of my mouth and rollers in my hair...

This was truly a Calgon - take me away moment.

Just then though - hubby Scott walks down the stairs and sits down beside me. Max curls up with his "lovey" (blankie for all of you traditionalists) and Keirnan goes and lays next to Max on the floor. Max rolls over, kisses Keirnan and Keir looks at Max and says (in his oh-so-cute little 2 year old voice) "I love you a million." Hubby kisses me on the cheek and it all seems OK.

My messy hair and drooping behind all seem so very unimportant - at least for that moment. Luckily my other job, my "real" job - as an ER doctor - help keep me grounded. It takes a lot to shake me up in the ER these days. I think now I only cry maybe once or twice a week after work. Not bad when you think of where I work. But - funny how these little moments at home can do it in a second. Nothing like hearing your kids tell you they love you - or that they love each other.

That's all I've got for today - off to the gym to get this sorry butt of mine in shape! So - for a few moments I am fine to be the crazy cat lady from the Simpson's but I will be getting those last 15 pounds off - I will be the hot housewife soon! Y'all watch out for me - ya hear?

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Britney Murphy. Wow, what a Hottie.