Monday, December 8, 2008

What do your kids call their... umm...

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Just laughing about what my kids call their "stuff." 

What is the correct term for a 4 and 2  year old?

Here's the story: 
Max (our awesome 4 year old son) was teaching Keirnan (son #2, equally awesome) about their, ummm... parts.  

So - both boys in the bath while I am running around naked trying to hustle to get ready for work.  

Keir points to Max and says: "You have a junk and I have a junk and Mommy has a junk and Daddy has a junk."  Here's the kicker though: Max actually says "Mommy has only 1/2 a junk!"  

OK brakes on!  Being late for work just totally flies out of my head at this point.

I quickly respond, "No, Max - Mommy's junk is not 1/2 - it's just different." What do you say?

OK - yes, I am an ER doc and I say the word penis of course about 10 times a day - but this is all medical and as the doc I cannot really say to a kidney stone patient - "so, does the pain radiate down into your junk?" 

Lovin' my kids but the "JUNK" I am afraid, is here to stay!

What are you calling your kids "JUNK?"  Email your answers to  We'll post our favorite answers tomorrow.  Thanks!