Friday, December 12, 2008

The Cutest Sock Monkeys Ever

Last year, while on vacation in Kauai, I visited this beautiful little boutique called Nest. It had precious little treasures in every corner. (If you're ever there, you MUST go find it!) I was five months pregnant at the time and wouldn't let myself buy anything for the baby yet, and I regretted it! One of the things that I wanted most were these adorable sock monkeys I saw in the store. I went online and found them!

I've been following the store for a while and they just make the cutest monkeys I've ever seen. These are not your regular sock monkeys, people! Stacey Jean combines stripes, dots, stars, prints, and has gorgeous color combinations. To top it all off, each monkey has a heart on their chest so you can tell it's made with love. Her Etsy shop only currently has four monkeys left! She used to offer DIY kits where she would send you the sock colors you wanted and everything you needed to put it together, but I don't see them right now. You can also request custom made items to go along with a nursery theme or your child's favorite colors. Hopefully she has more after the new year. I've been so indecisive about what color to get, I still haven't gotten one! I kind of want to just start a collection and get one for every holiday! See her flickr album for past monkeys. You'll want them all.

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