Friday, November 28, 2008

Surf and Sand Birthday

Hello again! 

So - what did I get for my birthday?

Well, first of all I was taken out for sushi in Laguna (at Sushi Laguna) by Scott (my awesome hubby).  We met some of our ER friends and drank beer and ate a bunch of random, crazy sushi (thank you Dave Whittaker). 

We then all headed out for drinks at a local bar in Laguna.  It was actually pouring rain in Laguna which made for a very unique and special night.  I am so tired of how hot it has been in California that I was very happy to see the rain (even though it was still quite warm outside).
Scotty then surprised me with a night at the Surf and Sand Resort in Laguna Beach.  See the awesome pics above.   Our room had a balcony over the crashing waves on sand (super loud and really extra cool with the rain!)  Thank you Gant Pammy for the evening away from our little monsters (Scott's mom - our official "nanny" kept our little guys for the night!).

Wednesday morning I was treated to a day at the spa at the Surf and Sand while Scotty took my day shift in the ER (what a total benefit to have a husband who works at the same hospital as me!).   What a treat! No work and a day at the spa!

Had dinner with my mom and dad on Wed night and came home to meet my husband after his long day of work in the ER.  

What a life!

Well - tomorrow is a day off - day with the family then we'll be celebrating our official Thanksgiving Chez Wendy (my sis) on Sunday (pics to follow - I promise!).
So - happy weekend to everyone.  Hope everyone is recovering from Thanksgiving and thank you to all of my friends for a great birthday!


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