Friday, January 16, 2009


My last post (the one I wrote - about feeling guilty about working in the ER, not seeing my boys enough - see 2 posts back) was really kind of a sad post. The comments and emails I received were great and I really appreciated all of the encouragement and reassurance that I received from so many of you.

So - I decided to try to lighten things up a bit tonight by sharing some of my fun moments that I have had so far with my boys - some more recent than others.

For those of you who may be new to our blog - let me give you a brief intro to my boys - just to set the scene for you.

Son #1 - Maxwell (AKA Max, Wudgie, Professor Max) ~ My 4 year old (5 in February but really going on 30) - very serious, speaks in full sentences and loves to use huge words like "actually, confession, apparently, futuristic." Bright red hair, pale with some freckles (don't worry - we put him in Tae Kwon Do and we're getting him guitar lessons - hoping he'll be the interesting tall kid- rather than the geeky kid who gets his ass kicked on a weekly basis). Max takes about an hour to get himself ready for preschool - coordinates clothing and puts gel in his hair daily. My guess on his profession: Artist, Scientist, Doctor, Fabulously Gay something or other...

Son #2 - Keirnan (AKA Keir, Keir-Keir, SeƱor Littles, Beast) ~ My 2 1/2 year old son who is totally a frat boy - complete with sticking his cute little naked butt in the air and farting- belly out and belching - and already has the whole Jeff Spicoli (Fast Times at Ridgemont High for those of you young 'uns) laugh down. Anticipated profession: Plumber, Athlete, Politician (he's a very smooth talker already), Weed Dealer. We'll see.

So - now that you've been introduced I'll share with you a few of my fun stories:

Keir - age 2 - days after his second birthday. Me - "Keirnan, did you fart?" After gigantic, loud baby fart. "No, Mommy - that was fireworks coming out of my butt." OK - not so cool that a 2 year old says butt - but pretty funny and pretty clever. This is about when we started to figure out that Keirnan was definitely not like his brother, Max.

Max - age 2 - changing diaper after day of preschool - Max has baby powder in diaper: Me - "Max, what happened here?" Max - "Ms. Rita put sugar on my junk." Hee, hee... Oh - in case you didn't know - in our home 'Junk' = boy parts - all of them.
Keir - last week - (Target is his favorite place to go - even better than Disneyland for Keir) - As I am tucking him in before leaving to work: "Goodnight, Keirnan. What are you going to dream about tonight? Target?" Keirnan - mischievous little grin on his face, "Target and you, Mommy." He so has the charming thing down already...

Max age 3 - visiting Daddy at work (he's an ER doc also - we took him dinner one night when I was actually not working). "Well, apparently they built me my own ER already." "I think I need to see the CT machine so I'll know how it works." Don't be too impressed here - I am sure he overheard us talking about work - "CT" is probably a very common word thrown around at our house. We try not to - but we do end up talking shop from time to time.
Keir - yesterday - "I like your bumps, Mommy." Then a few seconds later, "I like the big moles on your bumps too." Again, same mischievous grim, head down, eyes peeking up from under long lashes... Oh - in case you are not too quick: 'Bumps' is the term Keirnan has created for my breasts - you can figure the rest out on your own..

So today before I left for work - I had just a little bit of time with my boys. Max was running around in his PJ's - all excited to do Yoga on our Wii Fit. Too cute- I really must post pics of this! Keirnan was playing with his train set - trying to ensure that the train would crash and fall off the tracks. Keirnan hit Max on the head and was sent to time out. Max came over and said, "I am OK, Mommy. It really hurts but I think I should go give Keirnan a hug." Keirnan of course, is sitting in time out mumbling to himself - running commentary - as always, "You do not put Keirnan in time out...I am a good boy."

So - as I sit here in the ER missing my boys - I am laughing at these little images that I happily share with you. And don't worry - I have had tons of kids tonight to keep me occupied. None too sick - it is just the time of year for colds and sniffles. Hope you all have a great night and that I don't have to meet any of you, or your little ones in my ER. Oh - and if any of you are wondering where the beautiful black and white pic of Keirnan came from - here you go: Kimberlee West Photography - Kimee was our former nanny - now highly sought after photog. She still takes pics of Ooh La La Mama models for us and she's our family photog - when we can get her, that is!


Kadi said...

Your boys are too dang cute! I have a ton of funny kids stories. Here is one that I will never forget:

My hubby got his vasectomy during my 7th pregnancy. He was not happy about it and was not really advertising that he had done it.
Anyway, there we were at his parents' house for Thanksgiving and it was time to pray over the food. As the prayer subsided, my four year old decided to add a little prayer request on to the end, "And please help daddy's tentacles feel better.
Everybody automatically knew what my little one was referring to and nobody could stifle their laughter. My husband wanted to DIE! It was so hilarious.

~~ Lisa of TinkerAndPo! said...

Awwww! Your boys are too cute! My favorite quote from our 4-year old Declan: "I'm gonna keep you mom."

All together now! Awwwwww......

Betty said...

I know it's hard balancing sometimes. I feel so guilty that I can't be @ home w/ my son. I leave at the same time he does in the morning & I don't get home till he's asleep. I feel so bad. Have to play catch up w/him on the weekends. Your boys are too cute. My son sounds like your first son. Your second son is too funny, "fireworks coming out my butt" lol!

Kimberley Rodriguez said...

Short and sweet- when My son was little he used to like "erephants,trucks,and dinawhores".Thank goodness he has a dog, a working car, and a lovely girlfriend now.
My daughter was unable to pronounce the /sm/ blend so when I was upset with their dad I'd tell her to tell daddy,'your'smart' which came out as 'you're sfart'!

Tammy Lessick said...

My 5 1/2 year old daughter wanted to go out to eat. I told her no. Hubby told her no. She kept nagging. Then hubby did the one thing you do not do with a child that age. He said "Ok. We are not going, but if you want to, you can go by yoursel" I knew what was coming next, but kept silent. She left the room, and when she came back, was dressed, had my car keys and asked us for money. It was all I could do not to break out laughing. I just watched and listened to daddy and daughter go at it. You know it ended with a major temper tantrum. said...

Where to begin? I'll give you my medical-related ones, since you're a doc. Everyone thinks my 9 yr old will wind up to be a comedian, but my now-12 yr. old, after being the sickest he's EVER been with vomiting, diarrhea, etc for two weeks, and finally actually suffering dehydration--finally turned around and began to keep down Pedialyte. He was around three and walked around telling store clerks, his teachers, and anyone who would listen very loudly "Pedialyte SAVED MY LIFE!"

My now 9 yr old had to have allery testing with the little pin pricks in the back a few years ago and a large nurse had to hold him down, he was struggling so much. He threw a fit, and said (to my horror!) "I sure wish you weren't so big!" She didn't miss a beat, and said "So do I!"

Around that time too, one of his favorite sayings when someone was annoying him was "You're getting on my NURSE!" We didn't tell him the word was "nerves." It was too cute to hear him say it his way.

Cindy said...

Oooh too many fun stories! They are all really too great. I hope you are all keeping a book and writing these great stories down. They are too precious arent' they?

I love the "getting on my nurse" and "Please make Daddy's tentacles better!"

Thank you all for sharing!

Erin said...

That post was Fabulously cool, you deserve an award for it! Oh Look!

Twitter: @erinjeany

Mary Lutz said...

Hi! I just wanted to let you know I nominated your blog for the Cool and Fabulous double blog award! Go to my blog for all the details!