Monday, December 29, 2008


So - here we are on December 29th, 2008. Christmas is finally behind us.
It was really a great Christmas though. I am feeling very fortunate and blessed for all that we have. My family is solid - everyone is healthy and happy. Sure - my house is falling apart and our entire slab is leaking and we are going to enter into our 3rd year of our pending lawsuit with our builder and sure business could have gone better. But, really - these are all small things. My kids, my hubby and our parents are all healthy. My best friend (my sis) is 24 weeks pregnant and is happy and healthy. I am feeling very blessed.
Would like to take this time to thank our friends and family members who were so generous and giving this season. We got a ton of help and ended up adopting 6 families who needed our help. This was truly the best part of this holiday for our family. My hubby and I spent days shopping for these needy families. In total we provided gifts for 4 single moms, a married couple and a total of 24 kids! Each family had 4 kids! Crazy...
Here are a few pics of the madness that ensued at our house in the week prior to Christmas:

We would like to thank Lisa Johnston - our artist - who donated her time - an entire day to help sort and wrap presents. Please visit her at to see more of her awesome art! We would also like to thank Ruth - owner of our local Contours Express in Corona as well as the Montessori School that our sons Max and Keirnan attend. Lots of parents donated gifts and we could not have done this without the assistance of our friends. So a big THANK YOU to all of you who helped! Thank you also to all of our individual friends and family members who donated.
Many people are asking us if we got the opportunity to meet the families. We opted not to. We felt that the families might be more comfortable just picking up the gifts (we did this through our local community center - through the city - if any of you would like more details just email me). But we were told that the families were thrilled with everything. Here are the pics from the community center:
So - Happy Holidays to all of you and thank you all again for your help! Feels really good helping other people and we will be planning a much bigger event next year since this was so much fun!

Oh - quick update about who we are: We manufacture baby onezies (gotta be careful now that Gerber contacted us), dresses, rompers and super cute bloomer sets with all over prints that are super soft and yummy. Please visit our main site: for fun, funky, sweet and sassy apparel for your little one. Also - our products are kind of on the higher end - shop now for 75% off - makes a fantastic baby shower gift, birthday gift for that special rockstar prince or princess in your life. Our clothing is sized 0-3m up to size 6 and all pieces wash and wear really well.
Support us and help us continue with supporting those in need! As business continues to grow we'll be doing more and more of this fun charity stuff so you can feel good about your purchase!

Thank you again for all of your help!

Cindy Parker

Ooh La La Mama, LLC


Barely Domestic Mama said...

That is so great!

FV said...

OMG! I knew I liked your stuff for several reasons. The hubby is wearing a CAL HAT! Go BERKELEY! ROLL ON YOU BEARS! Ok, so had to say it.